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Happy October!

Halloween approaches!

So far this month I’ve been busy trying to recover from the complications that happened due to the oral surgery. I’ve also gone back to work, started a huge sewing project to modify a bunch of my clothes into a more personal and stylish wardrobe, and designed an awesome 1920’s flapper girl outfit for Halloween.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also helped Mum rearrange part of the house, started giving massages again, and soon will be getting ready for company as a friend from Seattle will be staying at the vacation rental for a week. Good thing I’m finally feeling better!

Because of everything going on, I can’t always promise daily updates. However, I’ll try to take advantage of the current backlog to space out my posts evenly for a while at least.

And now, on to the next photo….


#274: Ween-offs!

The piglets are growing so fast! They aren’t babies anymore, that’s for sure… The ones for sale have been sold off, and the mamas are pregnant and getting bigger with the next batch. We kept six of the last litter (three of which are pictured above) to raise up to butchering size ourselves.


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