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Project 365, #276: Clearing Land.


Dad’s little tractor makes land clearing projects so much easier, especially since farming in the tropics means a constant battle to keep the jungle from taking over everything. This is Dad widening the turn-around area at the top of our driveway. The long sleeves and pants are not for warmth, but rather for protection from the bites of the aptly-named fire ants — the newest and quite horrible invasive species to colonize across the island.

Our house is in the background; the light blue section is part of the original house (half of which is the vacation rental), and the unpainted wood is part of the addition/studio apartment that Dad built our first year living on the island so we could have the vacation rental part available. The screened porch is attached to the studio, just to the right of this photo. It’s kind of a funky configuration inside for our part of the house, but it basically works like a duplex for the rental half.


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