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Around My Room Triptych.


#278: Hanging.

I love pretty things (who doesn’t?), and while I don’t wear jewelry very often I still love to look at it all the time. To me, it’s the same category as artwork, just using a different medium.

When I came home from the Seattle Trip, Mum had rearranged the back bedroom where I sleep. One of the new things I did with it was use the wire bookshelf next to the head of my bed as a place to display my pretty hanging things, like earrings I can’t wear and the fuzzy fox my parents bought me at the Tokyo airport.



#279: Jewelry.

Speaking of pretty things, I’ve recently realized that all my favorite necklaces and bracelets lately have been white and silver. It makes quite a lovely display when I’m not wearing them, too!



#280: Sleep Mask.

While recovering from the oral surgery, I would take our rice pack from the freezer to use along my jaw while I fell asleep at night. The cold was soothing and numbing, the flannel-covered rice would be soft and comfortable among my pillows while I slept, and I knew it’d warm up quickly enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving it too long.

After a while, if I wasn’t asleep by the time my jaw was nicely chilled, I’d drape the rice pack across my eyes instead. It’d be just cool enough still to be perfect on my tired, strained eyes. And I quickly realized that I was getting a better night’s sleep with the bag on my eyes, feeling more rested in the morning even when I got less sleep.

Obviously, I needed a sleep mask.

I raided Mum’s fabric box and discovered this adorably appropriate flannel. I measured my face, got some wide elastic, hand-stitched, and stuffed it with lavender, chamomile, mugwort, and rice — instant custom sleep mask!


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