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Project 365, #281: Sewing.


I come from a crafty family, in almost all possible meanings of the word…

In this case, however, I simply mean that we almost always each have some kind of crafting project going on. We liked to keep our hands busy, especially if our ears and minds were engaged with somethings else. During family read-alouds, if we weren’t getting our chores done, we’d be working on arts or crafts or sewing or designs or just about anything creative. Same thing if we were just sitting around, or during the more auditory-type lessons during our “school time”.

The homeschool teen literature club was also a perfect time to craft or sew. At the weekly meeting, we’d each take turns reading aloud whatever book we’d chosen — stopping whenever someone had a point to discuss or question to ask. When it wasn’t our turn to read we’d have a project to work on. In my case, it was often sewing an accent pillow, or knotting a friendship bracelet, or cross-stitching from a kit, or sketching in my art pad.

Whatever form it took, it was always a comforting, soothing kind of activity, almost meditative, and easy to do while still paying attention to the words being read aloud. To me it really felt like it was tapping into deep roots of what “home” means. It’s like baking bread. There’s just certain things that really give me that utter contentment and homey feeling. They just feel right somehow.

Recently, while looking up fringed flapper dresses online for my Halloween outfit (it’s way better than just a costume), I came across a site of ideas for turning regular clothes into custom designer-like pieces, all in pretty easy steps. I was inspired, and promptly decided to dig out everything I wanted to modify and experiment on. I also made a list of designs I want to try, regardless of if I have the clothes to do it, so I know what to look for at thrift stores.

I’m excited to have this kind of huge-yet-simple, on-going project in my life again. It’s funny the things we don’t realize we miss until they come back…


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