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Project 365, #284: New Cane Juicer.


Dad finally found an affordable motorized juicer for sugar cane!

Here you can see him feeding the cleaned stalk of cane into the top of the juicer. The fresh juice pours out the faucet on the left, and the squeezed-dry stalk feeds out on the right. After each use, Dad takes it apart for cleaning and air-drying, and puts to together again before the next time.

Fresh cane juice is now a staple of our diet, especially since Dad is now getting about twice as much juice per stalk as before. I’ve taken to brewing a strong black tea and mixing it half and half with cane juice after it cools to make an all-natural, non-processed, healthy, filling, very effective energy drink on the days I work. It has become essential in order to get through those last few hours before lunch or closing, especially on those ten-hour days.

Dad has also started offering to press cane for other people, at five dollars a gallon, on Wednesdays and Sunday (which are the days he’s pressing anyway for a local restaurant’s standing order). And he’s been referring people to a local guy with over 20 acres of non-sprayed sugar cane, which he’s selling for one dollar a stalk. It could turn into quite a nice little side business for both of them!



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