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Project 365, #285: “New” T-Shirt.


As mentioned previously, I’ve started altering some of my clothes. Now here’s one of the finished results! (Please ignore the blurry white spots; I hadn’t realized the mirror was dirty until I was sorting out my photos.)

Here is it from the back:


I had previously modified the original t-shirt by shorting it and narrowing the body at the side seams and up the back. I had also cut the “V” neckline. But I never bothered finishing before.

Now, I sewed the seams of the body together, gathering slightly at the bottoms of the sides so it created a nice slightly tighter fit close to my body, rather than hanging straight down from the bust. Then I widened the neckline near the shoulders to create that nice open line you see along the back. And I slashed-and-pulled the fabric of the sleeves to create a built-in fringe. sleeve.

That was pretty much it! It’s really comfortable — if a little warm for Hawaii due to the thick material — and has a nice loose-tailored feel to it. I’m happy with it, and it only took an afternoon to finish. Not bad!


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