Project 365, #296: Paleo Stuffed-Peppers.


(Well, mostly Paleo, until I had the brilliant idea to add cheese over the top….)

From the Everyday Paleo recipe book, these peppers are stuffed with tri-tip steak, chilies, bell peppers, onion, and kale, and topped with sharp cheddar and green sauce. So yummy and an amazingly easy dish!

This is the second time I’ve made them, and I think they’d be a perfect course for a dinner party. They can be made ahead of time and finished off quickly — not to mention how impressive they look when I serve them up!



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7 responses to “Project 365, #296: Paleo Stuffed-Peppers.

    • The original recipe is for Steak Chile Rellenos in “Everyday Paleo” by Sarah Fragoso, but of course being my mother’s daughter I do my own take on it each time! ^_~

      I used large Anaheim (or possibly poblano, I can’t remember which and the recipe calls for either) chilies, baked at 500 for 10 minutes on tin foil and set aside to cool.
      Then I sauteed a finely-chopped onion in macadamia nut oil, and added the diced tri-tip steak when they were about halfway done. I also threw in fresh chopped oregano (about five or six leaves), 1/2 TB cumin, a lightly sprinkle of chili flakes, several cloves of garlic, minced, and a healthy dash of salt and pepper.
      When the steak started getting lightly cooked, I added the diced bell pepper and chopped up kale (steams removed), and a drained can of diced green chilies.
      Once the kale was soft, I turned off the heat to let it cool.
      I took the baked peppers, slit them open lengthwise, scrapped out the seeds, and placed them in a coconut-oil-covered glass baking dish.
      I stuffed the stuffing in each pepper, covered them with grated sharp cheddar cheese and salsa verde, and stuck them in the over at 375 for about 15 minutes, until the cheese started bubbling and turning golden at the edges.
      Remove, and serve!

  1. That sounds and looks delicious… I don’t care for the ‘regular’ stuffed bell peppers with ground beef, etc…but I love things like this. Thanks, Kerry…I too play and change recipes to my own taste or whim…

    • Always happy to share great food ideas! And yes, in our family, cookbooks are ideabooks, not rule books. In fact, last night I made a very simple two-step dish from a recipe that should have been exactly like Mum’s (it was one of her favorite dishes) and it tasted different! We couldn’t even figure out why, since we both ‘follow’ that recipe, lol.

  2. I know…no matter how many times I try a “recipe” it never comes out the same..but that is the fun of it!

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