Project 365, #299: Fringe.


My semi-blank canvas….

I already had the white tank top I’d previously modified: cutting a panel out of the back to make an extra-large into a small, and leaving it open with grommets and lace instead of closing the seam.

Now I had black fringe, which meant I was ready to turn this top into the first part of my flapper ‘dress’.



I started at the bottom, to see how much fringe I wanted to have hanging over the edge.

I had 9 yards of fringe to cover both this top and the stretchy black skirt I was using for the bottom half. I pinned each row with safety pins, so I could get the spacing right.



Lots and lots of safety pins and fringe….

I used a “no-fray” glue at the end of each row before I cut it, which meant I took a lot of breaks waiting for it to dry. When I got about this far, I actually went back through all the rows to change the spacing to make it come out more evenly at the top.



For all the sewing I do, I’ve never actually used a sewing machine very often (I’m pretty fast at hand-stitching by now). To tell the truth, I’m pretty nervous about using a sewing machine, and this project was not one for a beginner anyway.

Mum to the rescue! She did all the machine sewing for me, for which I was extremely grateful. And it turned out awesome!



The last parts I stitched by hand.

It was along the narrow straps over the shoulders, which would be difficult on a machine. There were also a couple spots where it was too thick for the machine to catch, which I could simply tack down by hand at the same time.




As you can see in the reflection, I did corset lacing for the back — not actually laced up at the moment.



Looks quite the thing, don’t you think?


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