Project 365, #366: The End.


Looking up the driveway to our house, a bamboo orchid in the foreground.

We’ve come to the end of the year, and the end of this blog. It’s been an interesting experiment doing all this. As time-consuming — and even stressful — as it sometimes was to complete Project 365, I’m really glad I did it. It’s been a great experience, ultimately different from what I expected, and with a lot of unanticipated benefits. Really, I just started it as a way to practice taking photos and posting them so I’d be able to show off to friends and family during my future travels abroad.

But in the end I think the real skill I gained was a new-found love of finding the story in the ordinary everyday parts of life, sharing them, and hopefully making them enjoyable to others. It gave me a chance to reflect in words, and to find the positive way of looking at everything. It made me document my personal journey and growth through the year in a way I otherwise wouldn’t have bothered to do.

These are the skills I’m wanting to bring to my new blog, Geek Girl Travels, in the new year. The blog will have a wider focus, with posts about whatever interests or occupies me, and if things go well there will even be some of those adventures aboard come the summer. There will be no more new posts here, so if you’ve enjoyed anything on this blog, please head over to Geek Girl Travels and follow me there.

Try something new, and have a fantastic year!

I hope to see you all at



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