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Project 365, Triptych: December Begins.


#336: Hanging Lights.

These lights are actually for year-round (the Christmas lights will go up later this month).

Despite the many awesome benefits of our screened porch, one big draw-back is that it hasn’t been wired for electricity yet. This means in the evening — and for dinner parties especially — it can get pretty dark out there. Now it can have a little mood lighting!



#337: Baking Muffins.

I can’t have a new month without at least one picture of coconut flour muffins or cupcakes!

I caught a shot of these coconut flour-almond flour-peanut butter-cinnamon-nutmeg-orange muffins with just a few minutes left in the oven. And when they came out, they were so delicious! Definitely one of my favorite variations so far…



#338: Making Skin Toner.

As you may have guessed by now, I love to make all my skin-care products myself. Thanks to the supplies and jars I acquired last month, I have now started a new batch of toner.

I really like using witch hazel as my base, and prefer to infuse it first with dried herbs. This batch has rose petals, lavender buds, calendula, mugwort, jasmine green tea, and a few others — all things good for skin.

After a couple weeks, I’ll strain out the herbs. Then when I need to mix up a new batch of toner, I’ll just add some apple cider vinegar (also great for my skin), dilute it with water, and put it in a spray bottle for daily use. Easy, fun, and very effective!

In the background, you can see the jar of apple cider vinegar I’m infusing to use as a conditioner rinse for my hair. It has some of the same ingredients — lavender, rose, jasmine green tea — and some that are specifically good for my hair, such as nettles, hibiscus, and peppermint. This will also be strained and diluted with water before use, and it makes my hair unbelievably soft!


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Project 365, #301: Holiday Cupcakes.


Happy Halloween!

Okay, I know I didn’t actually take this photo on Halloween, but it’s totally holiday-themed!

Since I got back into baking again, Mum bought some really cute Halloween cupcake papers. Naturally, to celebrate the holiday I made two double-batches of cupcakes!

The first batch is lemon-walnut-spice, and the second (pictured above) is chocolate-orange topped with toasted coconut flakes. Both are modified coconut flour recipes, and utterly delicious. The lemon walnut spice is perfect with a cup of tea for breakfast, and the chocolate orange makes a smooth and divinely decedent dessert.

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