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Project 365: Third Week of September.


#258: Bruised Toe.

One of the hazards of working at a Recycle Redemption Center is the possibility of, say, a garbage can full of glass bottles slamming into your foot. I’m actually not sure how I got this bruise, but it seems likely it’s from something along those lines. It’s actually about a week old in this photo, and faded enough to be visible (an odd statement, but when it was more black — rather than reddish-purple — it was much harder to tell what it was).

Mum says I need to invest in steel-toed work boots.




#259: Chair/planter.

I love this re-purposing of an old wooden chair into an orchid planter! The result is really pretty, interesting, and unique — not to mention the appeal of clever reuse, which is always one of my favorite fashions.




#260: Buddha in the Garden.

Another feature in the gorgeous landscaping at the place I’m house-sitting. The white flowers back-dropped on lush greens of jungle really add to the serene feel, and the simple-but-complex foreground of black lava rock really sets the whole thing off nicely.




#261: El Gato.

Fluffy kitty lounging near the sun. Is there anything that looks more inviting, lazy, and comfortable?




#262: Tiki.

Easter Island statue shaped tiki torch holder. Obviously, that had to be documented and shared.




#263: Stalking Kitty.

I rarely use my camera’s flash, but the effect when El Gato is stalking past me at night was cool enough I decided to post it.




#264: Centerpiece.

The very attractive and practice centerpiece of the table on the screened porch where I was house-sitting.


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