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Project 365, #360: Christmas Morning Triptych.

Christmas Morning has a rhythm in my family that never changes: breakfast first, then presents. And then chores, because there are always chores on a farm.


Our special Christmas breakfast this year sadly lacked in the usual bacon due to poor planning on our part, but at least we had left over bacon grease we’d saved for scrambled eggs! We also had a fresh fruit salad, and two kinds of homemade breakfast breads, along with the usual tea for me and Mum, and coffee for Dad.



Post-present-opening, I noticed a slight “British Invasion” theme had unintentionally happened… Unsurprisingly, I’m quite okay with that!



As always, there were new ornaments among the gifts — including this carved flying pig from Indonesia. It seems appropriate, in a double meaning kind of way, because Dad calls his part of the farm “Hog Heaven”.


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Buy the Farm Book!

Here’s the link to the post about buying the book on the official blog for Hubbell’s Hog Heaven. You can order directly in the sidebar; and as a bonus, you’ll get the book signed by the author, Elizabeth Cannon!

Just click here or on the title of this post to get there.


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Project 365, #189: Mum’s Book!


My Mum is now officially a published author!

I couldn’t be more excited and pleased for her — I know all the hard work and love she put into this book. It turned out beautifully.

The text is clear and conversational, yet full of information. The photos turned out great, if I do say so myself (I took many of them, so some bias may be in that opinion…). The whole result is highly interesting and accessible.

If you’ve ever been curious about the Koren Natural Farming Method I keep bringing up here — BUY THIS BOOK! It’s a perfect introduction to something everyone should be talking about.

And for the record, while being the author’s daughter leads to a certain amount of shared excitement, it has absolutely nothing to do with this recommendation. My family advocates the Natural Farming Methods because it’s something we see the results of every day on our farm, and it’s amazing. I want people to know about it, and this happens to be a great resource to introduce you to the ideas and practices that we’re using on our farm.

Here’s the back cover:


Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Don’t you want to read it now?

It will be available on amazon.com, but they take a huge cut of the price so the author receives very little of that money. Show support for my Mum, for our farm, for Natural Farming, and for more interesting books on fascinating subjects to be written in the future, with buying it directly. It will be $13.95 (plus s&h), and the website for ordering is coming soon. I’ll post a link here on my blog when it happens.

Keep an eye out for further developments!


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Project 365, #167: Mum at Work.


Mum hard at work in the back room, finishing her first book. It’s going to be about our farm, and how we use the Korean Natural Farming Method; basically, the long version of a farm tour, complete with photos (some of which I took!). This photo was taken for the 16th of June, for those of you keeping track of how far behind I am on my posts…

As of today — the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere — she has finished writing, editing, and formatting, and is now waiting for the first proof to be sent from the self-publishing branch of Amazon.

I’m so proud of her for being a soon-to-be published author! Keep your eyes open for later updates about “Hubbell’s Hog Heaven & Liz’s Happy Hens: A Farm Tour. Korean Natural Farming In Pahoa, Hawaii.” By Elizabeth Cannon.


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