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Project 365, #243: Juiced Cane.


I’ve posted photos several times before of Dad juicing the cane, but I don’t think I’ve show what the stalks look like post-juicing. These have all been through the wringer, as it were, and are on their way to the pigs to be a tasty treat and eventual bedding.

Resting on top of the bucket is Dad’s cane knife.


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Project 365: Around the Farm Triptych.


#217: Pineapple.

Normally, when I see pineapples growing, they are more straight-up-and-down than this. I’m pretty sure this one fell over at some point, and still kept growing. The sideways pineapple amused me, so I figured I’d share it with you all.



#218: Dust Bath.

Chickens like to create little dust baths like this one; they help keep them clean and smother dust mites. If you ever get the chance to watch a chicken taking a dust bath, it’s really fun. They kick and scratch the dust all over themselves while laying on their side in the dirt, and fluffy their feathers so they get a thorough coating everywhere.



#219: Juicing Cane.

Dad has been selling fresh pressed cane juice to the same local restaurant that’s buying our eggs. This means 1) we’ve been getting a regular supply of cane juice for ourselves as well, 2) Dad’s been streamlining the juicing process, and 3) Dad has been researching cane juicers — which means, of course, that now he’s always talking about the unaffordable best one on the market that would be able to juice all the cane on our farm in a couple hours.


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