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Project 365: Second Week of September.

I’m late getting this post up, due to sudden and serious pain around my wisdom teeth, into my jaw and ear, for the past almost-two-weeks. I’m currently on pain medication and antibiotics while I wait for oral surgery next week to get all four wisdom teeth extracted.

It’s been rough, but things are getting taken care of finally.

And now, on to the photos!


#251: The House.

The back of the house where I’m staying with the kitty, in fact.

This is also the original screened porch which gave Mum and Dad the idea to build theirs.



#252: Kitty!

This is the kitty I’m taking care of for two weeks.

He’s indoor/outdoor, shy and demanding, adores-to-the-point-of-drool getting his chin scratched or brushed or rubbed, and totally fun to hang out with. As with all pets I sit, a new nickname for him popped into my head shortly upon meeting alone, and stuck.

His: El Gato.



#253: Self Portrait.

Using the medium of shadows!



#254: Garden.

One of the many beautiful features in the stunning landscaping at the house.



#255: Hiding.

El Gato has many hiding places through the house and yard. The most adorable is when he crawls between the comforter and the blanket on his “people’s” bed.

I couldn’t resist sneaking a photo of him there.



#256: Screened Porch.

The porch from the inside.

This is also where I do one of my out-call massage days, as the one of the owners of the house is a regular client and hosts massages for her friends and neighbors. It’s a gorgeous and relaxing setting; absolutely perfect with little breezes coming through, no bugs (thanks to the screen), the sounds of wind and tropical birds in the beautiful surrounding landscape…



#257: Hanging Out.

When I get home from work, El Gato tends want a little extra attention to make up for being locked up inside all day (instead of the usual of getting to go in and out as he pleases).

I don’t mind a bit, because “fur-therapy” is an excellent end to a long day!


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