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Project 365: First Week of September.

Due to having recently acquired gainful employment (yay), and several other circumstances this month, I don’t have as much time and energy for this blog. However, I’m still going to try and finish out the year of photos.

In order to accomplish this, I’m altering my usual format of one to three pictures per update, and will also be writing less to accompany each photo.

Hopefully it will only be for this month, and I can switch back to the old format in October. But for now, I’ll be posting a week’s worth of photos at a time, with maybe a sentence or two for each.

To begin…



#244: Flowers for a Friend.

Mum gathered these from around the farm, to cast into the ocean in local tradition at the memorial of a dear friend.



#245: Backyard.

Dad gathering greens for the pigs in the morning.



#246: Sunrise on the Farm.

Getting up early for my first day at the new job.



#247: Mauna Kea Sunrise.

Second early morning for the new job, seeing Mauna Kea through the screen of the porch during a cloudless sunrise. In the foreground is hanging some ripening bananas from the Farm.



#248: Breakfast?

Leftover coconut flour birthday cake from my Dad’s birthday… It’s actually perfectly healthy (apart from the frosting) and full of protein!



#249: Hanging Laundry.

While we have renters staying in the vacation rental side of the house, we share the laundry facilities, and they get the clotheslines. Which just means we have to string one up across our screen porch as needed! Also note: There is a second bunch of bananas now hanging from the first bunch.



#250: Packed Up. Again.

This time it is for a house- and cat-sitting job for the next two weeks (part of why my time is limited this month). As you can see, I take only the essentials: electronics, bath bag, clothes, and a new book from the library (recommended by Neil Gaiman, no less!).


That’s all for now. Please check back next week or sign up to follow by email to see pictures of the kitty and of where I’m staying!


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