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Project 365, #296: Paleo Stuffed-Peppers.


(Well, mostly Paleo, until I had the brilliant idea to add cheese over the top….)

From the Everyday Paleo recipe book, these peppers are stuffed with tri-tip steak, chilies, bell peppers, onion, and kale, and topped with sharp cheddar and green sauce. So yummy and an amazingly easy dish!

This is the second time I’ve made them, and I think they’d be a perfect course for a dinner party. They can be made ahead of time and finished off quickly — not to mention how impressive they look when I serve them up!



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Project 365: Triptych Catch-up #5


#74: Banana Trees.

We don’t really have soil around here. Scrap off the grasses and weeds, and you get maybe an inch of dirt at the most, and the rest is pretty much unbroken pahoehoe lava. So when we plant, we ship in green waste — chopped up trees, basically — and use soil from the pig pens which is already inoculated with IMOs (Indigenous Microorganisms, key to Korean Natural Farming). Everything sits on top of the pahoehoe. The plants grow very quickly and happily like this, with shallow roots until it can slowly break into the lava and turn it into the most nutrient-rich soil on earth.

However. We’ve been having a combination of heavy rain with strong winds. This did not bode well for the top-heavy banana trees, especially the ones who had already flowered and were actively producing fruit. A couple of them did end up falling over, and my Dad created this sling to prop up the first one, and then he ended up kind of ‘roping’ them together with the black netting. Hopefully the trees weren’t too traumatized by their little adventure!



#75: Paleo Breakfast.

I try to mostly eat a Paleo/Real Food diet; not only because it’s so healthy and yummy, but also because my body tends to make it very clear to me that that is the diet it wants, and it will be very unhappy with me if I fail to live up to those wants. Actually, those are pretty much the same reasons I do my work-outs…

Anyway, this is one of my favorite types of breakfast: some fresh raw veggies, a handful of nuts, farm-fresh hardboiled eggs, and an all-coconut-flour muffin. A lot of times I’ll have fruit, too, and maybe some cheese. Add a cup or pot of tea, and I’m all set ’til the afternoon!



#76: Tattoo.

This isn’t the greatest photo, but I wanted to show off this tattoo. It is a dragon of entirely my own design. My inspiration for it was two-fold: a line from a book, and the Uffington White Horse (if you don’t know it, look it up!). I love the way that the chalk horse is these graceful lines that represent a spirit and idea of a horse, rather than the exact image of one. I wanted to do that for the image of a dragon. And to my mind at least, I feel I succeeded.

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