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Project 365, #360: Christmas Morning Triptych.

Christmas Morning has a rhythm in my family that never changes: breakfast first, then presents. And then chores, because there are always chores on a farm.


Our special Christmas breakfast this year sadly lacked in the usual bacon due to poor planning on our part, but at least we had left over bacon grease we’d saved for scrambled eggs! We also had a fresh fruit salad, and two kinds of homemade breakfast breads, along with the usual tea for me and Mum, and coffee for Dad.



Post-present-opening, I noticed a slight “British Invasion” theme had unintentionally happened… Unsurprisingly, I’m quite okay with that!



As always, there were new ornaments among the gifts — including this carved flying pig from Indonesia. It seems appropriate, in a double meaning kind of way, because Dad calls his part of the farm “Hog Heaven”.


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